Truck Towing and Transport Services in Melbourne

Sometimes you need to transport a vehicle to a different location. However, when you tow or transport a vehicle, especially a large truck, this can be a difficult and dangerous task. That’s why we here at Inproof Towing, Transport & Emergency Services offers truck transport services in the Melbourne area. We aim to keep you safe and provide efficient transport services for your vehicle.


What Goes Into Truck Transport?

Inproof Towing, Transport & Emergency Services offers all three different ways that trucks and larger vehicles can be transported. We decide which method of transport is best by looking at a few different variables, including:

  • How far the truck needs to be moved
  • What condition the truck is in
  • What the length, weight, height and overall size of the truck are
  • Where the truck is if recovery is needed
  • What other safety considerations we have


After our team looks at the different variables of your specific situation, we’ll then decide which transport type is best. The three that we will choose from are:

  • Towing: Our tow trucks can handle heavy loads, and this method of transportation is used when the truck can’t be transported using the bed of a truck.
  • Driving: If the truck works well and is mechanically healthy, our professionals can simply drive them to the destination. This method is a great way to save money, especially over longer distances.
  • Transporting: If your truck isn’t too large or heavy, we are able to put it on the back of one of our trucks. This is often the safest method of transporting trucks and large vehicles.


Allow Inproof Towing, Transport & Emergency Services to transport your truck wherever you need it to go. We’re experienced enough to handle any job you may need done. Call us today at 1300 308 800 to see how we can help you.

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