Plant & Machinery Transport

Agricultural, Construction and Earthmoving

When you need machinery towing in Melbourne, Victoria, you need to call the experts at Inproof Towing, Transport & Emergency Services. The handling and transport of machinery and plant is a highly specialised activity and is the domain of our most experienced operators. For smaller items the 7.0T tilt trays are used and then the 12.0T tilt trays or drop deck trailer as appropriate.

In combination, this equipment is used to move a wide range of equipment utilised in the agricultural, manufacturing, construction and general industrial sectors

Capability & Specifications

 7-12T tilt tray tow trucks

  • Tray length: Up to 8.5m (28’)
  • Winch capacity: 13,600kg (30,000lbs)
  • Fitted with:
    • ISO container pins
    • Rear stabiliser legs

Drop deck trailers

  • Carrying capacity: 24.0T
  • Maximum width:  3.5m (11’6”) - widens from 2.5m
  • Deck lengths: 3.7m (top), 10.5m (bottom)
  • Winch capacity: 13,600kg (30,000lbs)
  • Fitted with ISO container pins

Curtainside trailers

  • Carrying capacity: 25.0T
  • Length: 13.6m (45’)
  • Height: 4.3m

Escort vehicle

  • Fitted with appropriate/required placards and flashing lights

Inproof Transport Solutions

Should the need arise, Inproof has in place arrangements with likeminded companies to provide heavy haulage floats, materials handling equipment and cranes.

Similarly, Inproof has in place arrangements to ensure that towing and transport services can extend from the Melbourne metropolitan area to regional and rural Victoria as well as interstate.

Frequently Asked Questions