Boat, Caravan & Bike Towing

Boat & Caravan

Inproof in Melbourne Victoria, are able to transport & tow Boats including personalized water craft (PWC’s) and Caravans either towing them behind a truck or loaded onto the tow truck itself. The method of movement will usually be dictated by;

  • Operational status of the goods to be moved,
  • If a boat, whether it has its own trailer,
  • Specifications (height, width, length, weight),
  • Distance required to be moved,
  • Any safety implications, and
  • Cost to the Customer.

Motor Bike

Do you need expert Motor Bike towing in Melbourne Victoria? Motor bikes can be readily transported by Inproof as the smaller Inproof tow trucks are set up and equipped for three point securing including:

  • A mount at the front of the tray which secures the front wheel,
  • Extra long straps to secure the handle bars and prevent the bike from tipping over, and
  • Straps to secure the rear wheel and stop it from sliding sideways.

Inproof can also transport quad bikes and the wide range of allterrain bikes now available on the market by employing similar specialised securing methods.

Frequently Asked Questions