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Local towing service office near MelbourneCompany Mission Statement:

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Standards of employment:

To ensure that Inproof has total control over the behaviour and performance of Drivers, all Inproof branded trucks are operated by full or part time employees. To ensure we retain these valued people, Inproof continually works towards being an employer of choice by;

  • Recognising and rewarding staff well,
  • Investing in the learning and development of its people,
  • Operating ethically and fairly at all time,
  • Providing family friendly workplace practices, and
  • Ensuring that the Management Team is passionate and engaging to work with


Regardless of their previous experience, all new Inproof Drivers receive in house training as they are the key to the success of our business. Their primary responsibilities are to;

  • Professionally and safely operate their truck including the load they are carrying,,
  • Adhere to all road rules and be courteous to other road users, and
  • Provide impeccable service to all Customers

Workplace Health & Safety:

Inproof has a zero tolerance to unsafe work practices. All employees are thoroughly trained in this area and there are well resolved company policies and procedures in place to provide guidance.


To protect all Parties as far as is practicable and to mitigate losses, Inproof carries insurance policies to cater for all foreseeable circumstances


Insurance Certificates of Currency

Terms & Conditions of Carriage:

All Customers should read Inproof’s Terms & Conditions of Carriage and Trade to ensure they are aware of the responsibilities of each Party

Chain of Responsibility

All transport activities and equipment handling is undertaken in a manner which recognises the collective responsibilities of all Parties in Chain of Responsibility legislation

Conflict of Interest

Inproof nor any associated companies, does not operate in the vehicle repair industry and does not receive any form of payment from the industry. We take your vehicle to your repairer or your destination of choice.

Environmental Practices

Inproof is conscious of the impact that the running of a fleet of trucks has on the environment and continually works towards lowering its footprint by the operation and regular maintenance of late model more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly trucks.

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